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To control the charging process, evcc must be able to communicate with a charger.

A charger must have at least the following configuration:

- name: charger1 # reference name
type: ...

Below, the possible parameters are explained.

Required Parameters


A short designation of the charger defined here. The value is used when referencing the charger in the configuration of the charger.

For example:

name: charger1


This is the evcc-specific charger type that allows communication with the charger. Known chargers can be integrated using the template type. The appropriate (template) type can be found under devices - chargers.

For unknown chargers (or for other individual reasons), the default implementation can be used through Plugins.

For example:

type: custom

Optional Parameters


This parameter causes chargers that operate without a "vehicle" (e.g. heat pump, eBike) to not display a vehicle, thus omitting vehicle detection.

In connection with this parameter, an icon can also be assigned (see vehicle.icon), which will then be displayed at the charger.

For example:

integrateddevice: true
icon: bike